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Service maintenance of
systems and equipment

  • Maintenance of gas-using equipment (boilers, columns, convector heaters, stoves)
  • Maintenance of air conditioners
  • Maintenance of ventilation systems
  • Maintenance of heat pumps
  • Service maintenance of heating and hot water supply systems
  • Maintenance of gas networks and their equipment


  • Inspection of equipment installation
  • Setting the optimal parameters
  • The first start-up

Diagnostics and repair of engineering networks and their equipment

  • heating systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • water supply, drainage systems
  • power supply systems
  • gas supply systems

Automation and dispatching

  • Calculation and selection of automation and dispatching systems
  • Complex adjustment of automation and dispatching systems
  • Maintenance and repair of automation and dispatching systems

Maintenance of industrial
and household boiler stations

  • Seasonal maintenance service
  • Regulatory services
  • Technical support 24/7



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  • Kyiv
  • Zaporizhzhia
  • Odesa
  • Ternopil
  • Vinnytsia
  • Ivano-
  • Poltava
  • Kharkiv
  • Dnipro
  • Kropyvnytskyi
  • Sumy
  • Khmelnytskyi
  • Zhytomyr

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Popular questions and answers

Maintenance is performed in order to keep the equipment in working condition, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the heating device, and to prevent or timely replace parts and assemblies that may affect the operation of the heating device.

Maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations, but not less than 2 times a year.

After purchasing and installing a gas boiler, it is absolutely necessary to make the first start-up of the boiler by an authorized service partner in order to take the gas boiler under guarantee. If the first start-up procedure is not performed, the boiler is not covered by the guarantee obligations of the importer (manufacturer).

At the first start-up of the gas boiler, the following procedures are performed:

  • checking the correctness of the installation according to the manufacturer's installation instructions and the project for installing the gas boiler, verifying correctness and tightness of the connection to engineering networks (gas supply, water supply, etc.);
  • Commissioning of the gas boiler;
  • instructing the user (the owner of the object where the gas boiler is installed) on the rules of gas boiler safe use, the term and conditions of the guarantee;
  • filling out the guarantee bond for the gas boiler;

All modern gas boilers have the possibility to connect a room thermostat. We recommend contact us for a consultation for the correct selection of a room thermostat for a specific gas boiler.

Yes, we have all the necessary spare parts for gas boilers, as we have our own stock of original spare parts and components.